Monthly Meeting, Hana Norton, Oct. 21, 2010

Our speaker was Hana Samek Norton. She shared her experience in writing her first novel, finding an agent on her fiftieth try, deciding which of two publishers to work with, and ruthlessly revising a problem section of her novel just days before the publisher’s deadline.

Hana gave us the benefit of her hindsight, telling us all the things we absolutely had to do now, many of which she had not done soon enough herself. These include building a web presence.

Hana’s most memorable observation: “Publishing is not for sissies.”

The Sixth Surrender, Hana’s first novel, was published in July by Plume (Penguin). It’s set in thirteenth century France – a time when chivalry reigned and treachery ruled.

Hana holds degrees in history from the University of Western Ontario in London and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Her passion for the Middle Ages dates to a childhood spent exploring the ruins of castles and cloisters in the (now) Czech Republic, where she was born and raised, and where she first learned the difference between a halberd and a hauberk.

After the meeting we adjourned to the nearest pub for more conversation with Hana. (She’s on the left in the photo at the top of the page.)

Feel free to add a comment below to add your own thoughts about October’s meeting.

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2 Responses to Monthly Meeting, Hana Norton, Oct. 21, 2010

  1. James Anderson says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting because of an urgent family medical situation. I did want to attend and it sounds like it was a great speaker. Good stuff!

  2. Roxanne Lutz says:

    Really enjoyed meeting Hana and hearing her experience with the publishing world. Some interesting tips and tricks to keep in mind!

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