Monthly Meeting, Pat Brown, Nov. 18, 2010

When it comes to getting published, our speaker, London Writers Society member Pat Brown, knew what she was talking about. She’d published L.A. HEAT, L.A. BYTES, L.A. MISCHIEF, L.A. BONEYARD, THE GEOGRAPHY OF MURDER, A FOREST OF CORPSES, MAN’S BEST FRIEND, MEMORY OF DARKNESS, BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT, THE BEAR, LYNX WOODS, and FALL INTO NIGHT.

At the monthly meeting on Nov. 18, Pat shared the lessons she’s learned – about crime fiction and about publishing in general – lessons that can help the rest of us get published too.

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1 Response to Monthly Meeting, Pat Brown, Nov. 18, 2010

  1. Roxanne Lutz says:

    This was a great meeting! Not only did we have an amazing turnout, but Pat’s presentation and insight into publishing and working with an agent was incredibly helpful. She had alot of positive and interesting experiences to share, as well as some warnings and common issues that many of us may be reluctant to ask outright. Thank you Pat for sharing your thoughts on what works, what doesn’t and when all else fails, how to self motivate and look for ways to make it happen!

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