So You Want to Write a Novel

Good news. You don’t need to waste your time coming to meetings of the London Writers Society, going to our critique groups, or reading the writing and publishing tips on our website. To learn everything you need to know, just watch this short video. (Thanks to Pat Brown for this link.)

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9 Responses to So You Want to Write a Novel

  1. Pat Brown says:

    Who would have ever thought it was so easy. And to think I wasted all those years actually working at the craft. What a fool I was. 🙂

  2. James Anderson says:

    Wow! If I’d known it was this easy I would have got into novel writing years ago. Wasted all that time reading, writing and honing my craft. Thanks Pat!

  3. Pat Brown says:

    I know. Don’t you want to kick yourself? All those books I wasted money on and time reading! I could be sitting on a beach in Fiji, sipping Mai Tais and collecting my millions.

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  5. Barbara Kyle says:

    Hilarious! I have to say I wanted her to get that gun from her car a little earlier. (Although, I did pick up some good tips, like the idea of writing several novels at once to maximize profits; what a slowpoke I’ve been to write just one a year!) Thanks so much for sharing this video gem.

  6. dwkazzie says:

    hey guys, thanks for posting my video. I’ve loved seeing the response in the writing community. I guess it’s ironic that I’ve spent years working on novels, toiling in obscurity, but I write the script for the video in about two hours, and it goes viral.

  7. Erin Moxam says:

    This is gold, thanks so much for posting it. I guess we might as well pack in the London Writer’s Society and start calling agents!

  8. Pat Brown says:

    What annoys me is how I kept my day job all those decades when I could have just taken my first manuscript to Random House 40 years ago and been lounging on a beach in Hawaii all these years. Talk about a bummer.

  9. @dwkazzie Maybe your success with this video is not so ironic after all. If you hadn’t spent all those years toiling on your novels, you’d have never accummulated the fathoms of pain that empowered you to dash off a script about it in just two hours. (By the way, do you really have a MacBook Air? Do you get high just turning it on?)

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