Lucy Williams writes, directs CHRISTMAS AT ELDON HOUSE, Dec. 8-18

Lucy Williams was our guest speaker last April discussing writing and producing plays. I received a note from her about her latest project. For those of us who are writing historical fiction this would be a good opportunity to see how it can be done. There will be a Historical Interpreter on hand to answer questions too.

“CHRISTMAS AT ELDON HOUSE”, written and directed by Lucy Williams. This 45 min. play is the product of the playwright’s imagination , based on historical facts. The audience follows the Harris family and their servants as they prepare for Christmas. The play takes place in the late 1870s. Featured in the play – April Chappell as Amelia Harris, Anne Mooney as Sophia Harris, Peter Luscombe as Edward Harris, Laura Jean McCann as Lucy Harris, Dave Leeson as George Harris, Kerri Phillips as Milly Harris, Ronnie Vlasic as Ronald Harris, Elena Reyes as Jenny/maid, Julie White as Mavis/cook. Sylvia Blatnicky will act as a guide as the audience follows the action from library to morning room to drawing room, to kitchen to dining room and upstairs. After the play the audience is invited to have tea, hot cider and Christmas goodies in the Interpretive Centre behind Eldon House . Historical Interpreters will be on hand to answer any questions the audience might have about the Harris family and Eldon House.
PERFORMANCE DATES: Wednesdays December 8 & 15 , Thursdays December 9 &16, Fridays December 10 & 17 at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30pm. Saturdays December 11 &18 at 1:30 , 2:30 , 3:30 pm. Cost – $10/person. By reservation only. Call 519 661 0333.

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1 Response to Lucy Williams writes, directs CHRISTMAS AT ELDON HOUSE, Dec. 8-18

  1. Roxanne Lutz says:

    I attended this play last year and it was excellent…a real living history experience! Refreshments are also provided after the play.

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