Publicize Your Events on LITERARY CONNEXIONS

Stella Preda, based in the Hamilton area, invites London writers to notify her of literary events, for posting her blog, Literary Connexions.

Hello, My name is Stella Mazur Preda. I am a poet and past publisher. I have a blog site on which I post all literary events, readings, launches, workshops, etc. – anything to do with the literary world.

My blog is called Literary Connexions and can be found at I have just posted info on your writing group, London Writers Society, on the Workshop page of my blog. I’m hoping that you can disperse this info to your members, so they can send me information on any upcoming readings, launches, etc., held by your group. I do posting on Sundays, so if anything comes in during the week, I hold on to it until Sunday for posting, unless the time element is short, then it would be posted immediately.

Also, I noticed on your site that you will be having a London Fringe Festival in June. Please send me all info on date, time, location, contact person, web site URL if there is a separate web site or blog for it, as soon as the info is available and I will be happy to post it for you.

I thank you for helping me get this blog out to interested writers,

Stella Mazur Preda

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