Forget Trying to Get Published…

Here is an interesting article about everything writers do that keep them from getting published.  How many apply to you?

11 Reasons You Won’t Get Published

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4 Responses to Forget Trying to Get Published…

  1. Hmmm. Which of these faults apply to me?

    The 11 Deadly Writing Sins:

    1. Giving up.
    — Yup. “Writing is hard sometimes. You know this, but sometimes, you forget it.”

    2. Abandonment.
    — This sounds about right. “You don’t commit to finishing a project.”

    The other sins are, for me, less deadly than those first two.

    3. Shyness.
    4. Pride.
    5. Inconsistency.
    6. Apathy.
    7. Laziness.
    8. Research.
    9. Respect.
    10. Isolation.
    11. Prayer.

    So how can I turn this depressing list (thanks, Erin!) into something positive?

    The author writes, “Like any art form, you’re never going to be perfect. Don’t worry about it. No-one is. Strive for constant improvement, and your goals will take care of themselves.”

  2. Erin Moxam says:

    I think 5, inconsistency, is probably the most applicable to me, though there are certainly others, in varying degrees. I like the list though, just being aware of these pitfalls and knowing that other writers have them too helps, somehow.

  3. Ted Janusz says:

    Erin, Luce made you post those evil shards, didn’t he?

    I think that the only absolution after an inward confession to any of these offenses is a penance of more writing. Practice, perseverence, and patience will prevail.
    Is too much alliteration a sin?

  4. Allen Currie says:

    I am looking for an “editor” / reader in northern Ontario to help me. (probably near North Bay, Sudbury or possibly Parry Sound) The manuscript has been “blessed” by a professional editor, but I don’t think it does what I want.
    What do I want from an “editor” now?

    Mostly it is about the craft of writing. I don’t mind breaking the rules, rather I like the idea, BUT you have to have mastered the rules before you break them. I don’t know what the mundane general rules are to create a gripping style of writing. Something that will keep the reader reading excitedly. Particularly in what I have written, I want the reader to come away saying “this could actually happen.” But at the same time I am not going to reach that point if I don’t get to “I couldn’t put it down.”

    I need informed suggestions as to how my writing may be improved. I need to deliberately cultivate patterns of writing that are likely to lead to success. I can’t even identify the genre I am writing in. The closest I can come to that is Orwell’s 1984. I don’t think I understand what my weaknesses are.

    My goals are not money or fame. As long as the reader remembers the ideas, I don’t much care if (s)he remembers my name. Nor do I really want editing so much as teaching/learning. I can do most of my own editing if I know what is right or wrong. Of course I want to reach the broadest possible audience. (again not for money or fame.) While the format/story begs for a sequel, there are a number of circumstances that suggest to me that this might be my only novel. So I do not have the luxury of improving on my first during my second.

    Another complication is a limited budget, probably true of most authors.

    Anyone you can point me to would be greatly appreciated

    Allen 705-729-1833

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