Thursday, July 21, Elect Executives for 2011-12

You’re invited to the London Writers Society’s annual general meeting on July 21, where we’ll elect our official executive team for 2011-12. The meeting’s at 7 p.m., at Landon Library in Wortley Village.

Here are the nominations received to date:

  • President – Pat Brown
  • Vice President – Erin Moxam
  • Treasurer – Helga Ruppe
  • Secretary – No nominations yet
  • Webmaster – Richard Nagel

Any dues-paying member of the society can nominate a member for the executive team and can vote in the election. If you cannot come to the meeting, you can vote by proxy. Simply email the proxy form at the bottom of this post to

In addition to these official positions, the society also needs volunteers to help in many other areas.

This will be the last general monthly meeting until September. I hope you can join us. If not, I wish you a summer full of good reading and writing, until we see each other again in the fall.

Richard Nagel, President, London Writers Society

PROXY in case you cannot come to the meeting in person on July 21, 2011

I, (name:)  _________________________________, being a member of London Writers Society who is entitled to vote at the annual general meeting on July 21, 2011, do hereby (select one of the following three options):
[ ] Cast my vote as follows:

  • President (name:) ___________
  • Vice President (name:) ___________
  • Treasurer (name:) ___________
  • Secretary (name:) ___________
  • Webmaster (name:) ___________

OR [ ] Assign the right of proxy vote to (name of person who will hold proxy vote:) _____________________
OR [ ] Assign the right of proxy vote to the Executive Committee of the London Writers Society.

I hereby acknowledge that all actions taken by the person so named hereon shall constitute action as if taken by myself. Please include any special instructions below if necessary. If I have assigned proxy to another person at an earlier date then this proxy shall invalidate such previously assigned proxy and that the person named hereon shall not be allowed to reassign this proxy.

Signed (name:) ______________________________ Date: ________________________________
Email to: Secretary, London Writers Society, Proxies received after 5 p.m, July 21, 2011, will not be accepted for consideration.

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