New London ePublisher, BLANKSPACE

A new epublisher in London writes:

BlankSpace is a collective of writers, artists, teachers, publishers and academics with an interest in the unconventional and a taste for the visceral.  Our mission is to distribute in both electronic and paperback format stories that will catch the attention of reluctant readers, and that will provide educators with provocative material with which to teach their classes. What we are looking for is fiction or literary non-fiction that challenges standard curriculum content without relying heavily on shock value and clichéd hooks.  We would like to hear from both new and established writers who have something unique to share—so unique that conventional presses wouldn’t know what to do with it.  Tangible examples of our thematic interest would be stories on counterculture (or anything counter-), dystopias, graphic novels on yet-to-be-represented subjects, the visceral, the contentious, the new, etc.  In general we are looking for interesting narratives that are not merely repackaging the same old conventions of storytelling and plot design—unless they are doing so in an innovative, provocative way.  Our three broad categories are adolescent fiction (ages 9-14), young adult fiction (ages 14-18), and general fiction (this would include material for postsecondary/adult/mature audiences).

If you are interested in contributing or becoming involved, check out our website at the link below.  We would like to secure 3 to 5 more books for our inaugural run, so if you have something to contribute for the launch, contact us by December of 2011.

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