Dec. 15: Christmas Party — and Christmas Challenge

Thursday, Dec. 15, will combine our regular general meeting with a Christmas Party. A site for the venue is being looked into, and an announcement will be sent out with exact time and place. Feel free to bring snacks, though it’s not essential.

Here’s a Christmas challenge to every London Writers Society member.
Buy a book for a child this Christmas. A Book for Every Child, the London Public Library’s annual drive, is set up to give as many free books as possible to children at Christmas. I’d like to see the London Writers Society contribute. Any book purchased at one of the following sellers will give you a 20% discount and send the book to the library’s drive.

  • Coles Bookstores: Argyle Mall and Masonville Place
  • Mastermind Toys and Books: 685 Fanshawe Park Rd. W.
  • Oxford Book Shop: 740 Richmond St.
  • Scholar’s Choice: Trafalgar at Airport Rd, 101 Fanshawe Park Rd.E., and 3120 Wonderland Rd. S
  • The Book Store at Western: University Community Centre
  • Books Plus: 1153 Western Rd.
  • Chapters: 86 Fanshawe Park Rd. E. and 1037 Wellington Rd.
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