Nov. 17 Meeting – You’re Invited

The year is closing down, daylight saving is falling back, and the trees are bare. But the London Writers Society is just getting into gear.

  • 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 17, Wortley Village, Landon Library.
  • Archaeologist Joanna Berry will be speaking on local archeology. Come with questions.
  • Barry Brewer will be opening the mini workshop on characterization in fiction. This is interactive, so let’s talk and ask questions about one of the cores of writing good fiction.
  • Jeffrey Douglas, founder of a new ebook publishing company, BlankSpace Publications, will stop in and talk a bit about London’s newest publishing venture.
  • At our last regular meeting, Ben Benedict, editor of ArtSCAPE Magazine and a member of the Canadian Writer’s Society, approached us about being a part of a Writer’s Festival in November 2012. But we need to determine if there is real interest in putting this on. One of the things we’ve discussed that might happen at the festival is to ask local publishers to attend and have booths. Some of the publishers mentioned are Brick Books, Insomniac Press, and BlankSpace. Craft workshops are also a good possibility. We will be talking about this at the meeting, to gauge how much interest there is in this venture. Ben needs some idea of this, since he will be applying for grant money. I think it would be a great thing for both London and our society, and I’m voting for it, but we need a strong commitment before we can go ahead and tell Ben we’re in.
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