Online Writing Classes

These are some online classes I’ve either taken or have heard about from other writers. If you’ve been thinking of taking a writing class, then this is a good place to start looking.

Here’s a Yahoo Group devoted entirely to online writing classes:
Announce Online Writing Classes

Here are some individual instructors and some web sites which offer courses:

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2 Responses to Online Writing Classes

  1. Holly Lisle says:

    Bluntly, your header and body text are deceptive. When you note the practices of large companies, then list individual writers who have never engaged in those practices (namely, offering critiques with false praise to elicit payment from students), you suggest that those you have listed also engage in those practices. While this is clearly your intent with this post, I want to go on record stating that your post is dishonest.

  2. gkparker says:

    I changed the first paragraph. It never occurred to me I was conveying that the ones I listed engaged in those practices. That was not my intent.

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