Special Calls for Submissions by MARCO POLO

Please note: No queries necessary for the following calls.

100 x 500 Marco Polo seeks creative nonfiction and will publish the
best 100 entries. Your nonfiction must be no longer or shorter than
500 words, title excluded. Break out of the mold and surprise us and
yourself. Top prize winner will receive a hardcover edition of Under
The Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981, a journal, and a film on
DVD, probably an awesome French film. Deadline: December 31st 2012
with selected entries published before and after the deadline. Winning work and all published and remaining selected work announced January
2013. Send submissions and/or questions to marcopoloartsmag@gmail.com

100 x 100 One Hundred Short Shorts, One Hundred Words Long. Submit a
short short containing 100 words, no more, no less, title excluded.
The 100 stories chosen from submissions will be published in Marco
Polo. Best story will be named and will win a hardcover edition of
Vitamin P2.
Deadline: June 1st 2012
Only one submission per author. Winning short and list of winners will
be announced in June 2012.
Send submission to marcopoloartsmag@gmail.com

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