Report from Long Island Chapter Editor & Agent Luncheon

This was posted on a Yahoo group I belong to and I was given permission to post it here.
Treva Harte, EIC, Loose ID – Erotic Romance, Erotica, and erotic stories “with romantic elements”.  She definitely accepts M/M and F/F (though she doesn’t seem to get much of the F/F) but would love more great HET erotic romances (as in heterosexual stories – though one of the attendees thought she’d said “PET” stories and tried to pitch her cozy cat story….). And she would love “accurate” BDSM stories.
Fran Black, The Literary Counsel (agent) – likes debut authors, and is looking for “literary” romance stories.
Leah Hultenschmidt, Editor, Sourcebooks – actively acquiring single title romances, 85,000 – 100,000 words. She likes strong, kick-butt female protagonists in fantasy/paranormal stories.
Jennifer Mishler, The LiterThisary Counsel (agent) – Also looking for stories with kick-butt heroines, and definitely looking for historicals.
Jess Feldman, NAL (editor) (Eclipse, Ace/Roc, Signet, etc.) – looking for dark highlander romances; she would love to have stories where the heroine beats someone up (in other words, kick-butt heroines are all the rage!)
Evan Gregory, Ethan Ellenberg Agency  (agent) – reps YA, but is looking for “everything”, including romance.
Becky Vinter, Fine Print Literary Mgmt. (agent) – Women’s fiction, all genres of romance, and looking for an “epic love story, a la ‘The Thorn Birds’”.
Sarah Younger, Nancy Yost (agent) – ghostly romantic suspense, solid historicals, Southern gothic, “men in uniform” stories. And she added that Nancy Yost loves animals in the stories, especially cats, and particularly Siamese cats.
Abby Zidle, Editor, Galley & Pocket Books – women’s fiction, historicals, suspense. NO science fiction or fantasy. She also noted that the new POCKET STAR e-only original line is (or will shortly be) debuting and they are looking for both shorts and novel length stories.
Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, Nancy Coffey Literary (agent) – Gothic YA or Adult stories, “big romantic epic historicals”.
Krishan Trotman, Editor, Ellora’s Cave – Erotic romance and also looking for “pure erotica”. She also reminded folks that they launched their line FOR men in January.  I’ve inserted here from their submission site the specifics about writing for this imprint:
Stories written specifically for our male readers.

We are accepting submissions.
~ 7,000 to 30,000 words
~ May contain relationships, but should focus more on the sex than the romance; Romantica is fine, Exotika is also encouraged
~ Realistic wording and dialogue for male characters (not the language women WISH men spoke); this extends to the male narrative
~ Written from male POV preferred
~ Should be aimed at male sexual fantasies (what men think of when they get off)
~ More of what men want or need from women: sex, love, acceptance, admiration, dirty talk; less of what they don’t need (judgment, drama, expectation of anticipating woman’s needs)
* Examples include, but are in no way limited to:
– Women taking the initiative during sex
– Female pursuit of the man
– Voyeurism of female/female sex (as well as F/M/F and F/F/M themes)
– Risky sexual situations or locations; a sense of the forbidden (e.g. the boss’s mistress, the maid, the college professor, sex in public, etc.)
Remember that sex is largely visual and verbal for men (for women, it is mainly mental and emotional). Men polled preferred “real women” (natural as opposed to surgically enhanced) and wanted women to “do some of the work”. Interpret that as you will!
Jita Fumich, Folio Literary (agent) – all genres of romance including urban fantasy, but wants detailed worldbuilding.
Lori Perkins, Ravenous Romance – Looking especially for good BDSM and all genres of erotic romance
Linda Ingmanson, Samhain Publishing, Editor – romance, contemporaries, romantic suspense, historicals and all “hotter” stories
Emily Keyes, Lori Perkins Agency (agent) – literary middle grade and YA, contemporary teen books with a “fun voice”, and she is also beginning to move into women’s fiction and sci-fi.
Chris Keesler, EIC, Burroughs Publishing – All romance with an HEA, from novella to novel lengths (also reminded folks about the July 1 deadline for the Burroughs short story contest).
Martin Biro, Kensington – Romance of all genres. And announced that their E-imprint (all digital) is launching next month, July.
Jill Grosjean, Jill Grosjean Literary Agy. (agent) – women’s historical fiction with strong heroines.
Stacy Abrams, Editorial Director, Entangled Publishing – reported Entangled had their first NYTimes bestseller; they are looking for “category level” books (meaning word count, for one thing):  sexy category, romantic-suspense category, paranormal category; also women’s fiction and YA and teen fiction.
Katie Shea, Donald Maass Agency (agent) – women’s fiction with a “perfect balance between literary and commercial writing”; Particularly things with the arts. Looking for “intense love stories”
Claudia Cross, Folio Literary (agent) – women’s fiction, especially historical
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