Writing Retreats and Artist’s Colonies

I’ve been doing some research lately into finding both some local sites that are within driving distance and some that are further away. To give some idea of what I’m looking at here are some links and images.



R.R. # 3 Elmwood, ON
N0G 1S0

From Barbara Hudspith

We often have retreatants come to write and compose music so yes, writers find the space to be a good match.  Re numbers, we have three bedrooms, a sun porch with added sleeping space and a cabin that is a 5 min. walk from the house–in a secluded spot near the pond–and can accommodate 2 for sleeping.  It does not have electricity or running water, however.

We do not charge a fee as we are not a business.   We are happy to receive donations if retreatants wish to contribute but do not require this.  For short term stays, we suggest that guests bring their own breakfast and lunch supplies and join us for supper.  For longer stays, we invite you to make your own meals in our kitchen and if there is an opportunity to sit down together for a meal once or twice during your time with us, we would be happy to host you.

The Adam’s Farm


712 Friendly Acres Road
Trent Hills, Hastings, Ontario

I’m also compiling a list of American retreats which I will post soon.

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