LWS Christmas Party

The Christmas party will be on December 13th at the home of our VP, Jolene.  The party begins at 7:00 pm. Please BYOB, but there is no need to bring anything else as snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments will be provided.


Jolene’s house is at 2739 Hyde Park Rd.  However, Google maps places it in the wrong location.

For Google maps and GPS systems use

  • 21428 Hyde Park Rd

I have also included a map and some pictures to make navigating easier.


The Route


The house is 2-5 min north of the Walmart/Canadian Tire Plaza, if you reach the John Deer dealer you’ve just passed it.

The driveway is just around a bend, so keep an eye out.

The driveway is about 5 meters past the mailbox.




1) At the intersection of Hyde Park and Sunningdale, continue North along Hyde Park Rd.


2) The mailbox is the fifth one after Sunningdale and the only bright white one.


3) The driveway will come up on you quickly, I’d recommend slowing down as you round the bend.


Enter slowly as the brick pillars are oddly placed and hard to see from the road.

4) There is plenty of room for parking. 


Merry Christmas!

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