LWS Member Kimberly Glover’s first book

Kimberly was born and raised in beautiful Elliot Lake known as the “Jewel in the Wilderness”β€” this northern Ontario town is rapidly becoming a popular retirement community because of its countless number of pristine freshwater lakes and abundant wildlife.

Kimberly currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband, Kirk, and two sons, Jalen, and Alexander.


Book Blurb:

Long ago, two powerful African kingdoms disappeared during an intense battle, and the warriors who fought the war are still unaccounted for.

Recently, some archaeologists and local villagers have either gone missing or been found dead.

While at an archaeological dig, in Kenya, fifteen year-old Kathleen Gallant unearths the cursed grave of Njeri.
Kathleen’s life begins to change, and what starts as a harmless dream soon transforms into nightmarish visions of a past life, and a battle of wills; the visions infiltrate her mind, suffocating her until her individuality and sense of reality become another’s.

Under the influence of Njeri, Kathleen learns more about the past than she ever expected, and soon realizes she may become the weapon through which Njeri exacts her revenge.

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