London Authors Book Fair – Coming Fall 2014!

One of our intrepid members has been instrumental in setting up the first annual London Authors Book Fair, which will feature self-published authors from across London. Check out the details below!

Notes from the


PRESENT: Richard Philp, Rebecca Faber (Information Services Librarian), Kristen Caschera (Fiction Librarian).

Main Branch, 2 pm.

It was agreed that the LPL should host a “London Authors’ Book Fair” and that the following guidelines should pertain:

  1. Tentative date Oct. 25, 2014, 10am – 4 pm. (see below). To be confirmed in early in May.
  2. Restricted to self-published authors residing in London..
  3. Held in the Stevenson-Hunt room at the main branch. This room will hold about 13, 6′ tables.  The possibility of using the main corridor in addition will be explored.
  4. Cost will be $20/table, $10/ half table.
  5. Registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration to open in June, on-line at library website, form in “Access” (Summer).
  6. The library will put on a free, simultaneous workshop. I suggested “How to market your book” as a subject. Those wishing to attend could get someone to cover their table.
  7. Authors are responsible for providing their own on-site promotional material and for handling and securing their own cash (bring a float).


Any London Author who has published a work of fiction can submit it to the library to be included in the “Contemporary London Authors” section, where it will be retained for two years.

There is going to be a “Writers’ Festival” (official name not chosen yet) involving the LPL, Museum London and UWO plus some city cultural groups. They want our Fair to be part of the festival and the Oct date was their suggestion. Nov 15 was another date but we were all in favour of the Oct one.

About Michelle Proulx

Hi. I'm Michelle. I love sappy romances and space operas, so I wrote a book about them. It's fairly ridiculous, and involves alien abduction, a heart-throb mercenary prince, laser guns, six-armed lizard men with a curious predilection for the colour blue, and an out-of-her-depth high school girl trying to find her way back home. It's awesome. You should read it. I am also very fond of bacon and cheesecake, although not at the same time.
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1 Response to London Authors Book Fair – Coming Fall 2014!

  1. I can’t find the sign up form on the LPL website for this and I didn’t see anything in Access. Do you have any updates you can share? Thanks.

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