Don Pollock

Don 2017Don is from a working class family in the beautiful town of Goderich, Ontario. He was able to translate an absolute lack of exceptionalism in high school into a career that included graduating from the Ivey School of Business, obtaining his CPA/CA with PriceWaterhouse, and working for thirty years for the 3M Company in the areas of income tax and pensions. He also owns a company that publishes the Canadian Tax Planners Newsletter and the Canadian Financial Planner. Although he has over thirty years of experience writing newsletters, he published his first book in 2017: Retirement Hell –Byproduct of a Middle Class under Siege.

He volunteers in the community by providing seminars in the areas of estate planning and financial issues facing retired families. He is actively involved in Kidsport Canada, which is a charity that raises funds to pay for registration and equipment for children from families facing economic hardships. He is Chair of the London Sports Council and plays an important role in the London Sports Hall of Fame. He was also a founding member of a junior lacrosse team and coached box lacrosse for over a decade.





Retirement Hell – Byproduct of a Middle Class Under Siege presents a bleak picture of retirement for many families. Baby boomers are retiring at a time when graduating students are entering the workforce with significantly fewer opportunities than their parents and grandparents. Factories will continue to close; while robotics and artificial intelligence will allow companies to produce more products with fewer, but highly skilled workers. As boomers move to retirement homes and into the great beyond, they have left two types of legacies. On an individual level, this generation has accumulated incredible wealth which will be transferred to their beneficiaries. However, collectively, the most privileged generation in history has left behind a world that will cause future governments to spend too much time, effort and money attempting to clean up issues that were left unresolved.

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