Charlene Doak-Gebauer

charlene-webpageCharlene’s family has been affected by the crime of child pornography twice: two different cities, two different family members; two different incidents; TOO MANY TIMES. She began her quest for child protection following the devastation of her family.

Charlene has worked with children and youth as a secondary school and college educator and is considered a computer and network specialist. She has managed several networks, the largest of which had 250 computer stations. After researching computer crimes, and consulting with therapists and police forces for two years, she developed a theory of “Digital Supervision©” for child protection, which is included in her book “Digital Sexual Victims: True Cases”. This book is a good resource for all parents, adults and professionals. It is available online and through Chapters/Indigo – 35,000 distribution channels worldwide. To understand her work, this book is the basis of her research and digital child protection. Her theory of Digital Supervision© has also been seen as a vehicle for detecting radicalization of children, youth or family members. A portion of the proceeds of her book is donated to Child Pornography Hurts.

Charlene is the Founder and Chair of the Canadian Charity Child Pornography Hurts. She speaks in Canada and globally on behalf of all child protection. She recently presented her theory of Digital Supervision© in Santa Barbara, California and is scheduled to speak in Den Haag, Netherlands January 27, 2017, with other international presentations scheduled this year. She and her charity believe we have a responsibility to all children, not just our own, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or culture.

Her book, “Digital Sexual Victims: True Cases” has been nominated for the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Educators Award. This award was established to recognize educational research and writing of a female author whose book must have the potential to influence the thought and action necessary to meet the needs of today’s complex society. The winner of the award will be announced in April 2017.

Charlene wants to make a difference with child protection in this digital world.

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411x4qtpmclCharlene has been affected by child pornography through two separate incidents, two separate cities, two different people, TOO MANY TIMES. She is the Founder and Chair of the Canadian charity “Child Pornography Hurts”. She has also developed a theory of “Digital Supervision©” for child protection, which is included in this book.