Ernie Briginshaw

Ernie 300 DPIErnie Briginshaw is a Canadian author who has written four novels. His latest novel, “The Back Nine”, was released in March 2016 and is a story about life after fifty. He has also written three mystery novels. His first novel, “Goliath”, was published in January 2014 and the sequel, titled “The Second Shooter”, was published in February 2015. Mr. Briginshaw also wrote “The Legacy”, which was published in June 2014.


Ernie Briginshaw






Getting old is not for the squeamish. You have to deal with aging parents, kids who have moved out to make their own lives but who still need your help, and the realization that your lifelong career was just the halfway point.




When Henry Shaw’s brother disappears along with a media magnate, the FBI and the local police believe they may have been part of a secret international network and that Goliath was his brother’s code name. Is his brother dead or just hiding from forces trying to destroy the network? Henry tries to solve the puzzle along with an intriguing woman he encounters at an airport bar.


51ak4lehjtl-_sx326_bo1204203200_When potentially dangerous records are accidentally released, forces within the government attempt to recover them using whatever means necessary, including the elimination of anyone who may have seen them. In the sequel to “Goliath”, David and Robert Shaw head off to university and find themselves drawn into the world of shadow governments and secret societies.



As Eric Baxter prepares to start managing his father’s money, he learns that his father’s most important objective is to leave a legacy. But when Eric and his brother are kidnapped along with several other people while on a tour in Brazil, the legacy is in jeopardy.