Workshop, HOW TO GET PUBLISHED, Nov. 6

Brian Henry writes:

Hi, I’ve done a number of workshops with the London Writers Society and members of the Society have been to many more. I’m sure your members will be interested in the workshop coming up…

The London Public Library presents…
“How to Get Published”
~ A book editor & a literary agent tell all ~

Saturday, November 6, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., London Central Library. Fee: $44. Register and pay by credit card by phoning the Program Registration Office: 519-661-5122. Details on Brian’s site.

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3 Responses to Workshop, HOW TO GET PUBLISHED, Nov. 6

  1. James Anderson says:

    Brian Henry’s workshops well worth attending. I took this one and one other and am now a published novelist with my first thriller DEADLINE.

  2. James, thanks for your comment about How to Get Published. What would you say was the biggest benefit of attending this seminar?

    Also I’m curious, what other workshop of Brian’s did you take, and what was the biggest benefit of that one?

    Another question that comes up is what is the best point in your development as a writer to take these workshops? For example, how would this workshop be different for writers working on the first draft of their first novel, compared with writers working on the third draft of their third novel?

    These questions are not just aimed at James, but at anyone who’s taken one of Brian’s workshops.


  3. James Anderson says:

    Richard, the biggest benefit of these seminars is the hands-on work you do and the advice from Brian”s guest speakers. Worth the price of admisison alone.

    I also took his workshop on How to Write a Best Seller. While my recently published novel Deadline may never become a bestseller, I found Brian’s advice on plotting, character development and tips for writing a page turner very helpful. I used some of these tips in my own novel.

    Regarding your third question, the workshops would be helpful for beginning writers and for experienced ones. We never stop learning in the writing process. I think they would especially helpful to novice writers though.

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