June 4, THE REZ SISTERS by Tomson Highway

Brandon Doxtator is the Nanabush, creator in First Nation mythology, and Shelby Phillips is one of seven sisters in The Rez Sisters. Photo: London Free Press

Richard Nagel writes: I’m going to see The Rez Sisters, 6:30 tonight, Saunders Secondary School, no reservations, pay what you can.

It’s about seven First Nation women, out to win the world’s biggest bingo.

The writer is Tomson Highway, who studied at Western, worked at London’s Native People’s Resource Centre, and may be in the audience tonight.

See Robyn Israel’s story, page 8 of the May 2011 issue of The Beat Magazine.

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1 Response to June 4, THE REZ SISTERS by Tomson Highway

  1. Tomson HighwayAfter the performance of The Rez Sisters last night at Saunders Secondary, playwright Tomson Highway laughed his way through a speech that included these lines:

    My favourite parts of the play weren’t there. Something about the language. Maybe it wasn’t appropriate for a school. Or for London, Ontario. London is famous for being pure.

    Always treat writers well. Otherwise they’ll torture you for three chapters, then kill you off.

    Where I grew up it was so cold, mothers’ milk froze in their breasts. Babies grew up on ice cream.

    Photo by James Reaney, London Free Press.

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