GAIMAN, REUTERS, FORBES Take on Censoring the Icky Stuff

Why Defend Freedom of Icky Speech – Neil Gaiman

If you accept — and I do — that freedom of speech is important, then you are going to have to defend the indefensible. That means you are going to be defending the right of people to read, or to write, or to say, what you don’t say or like or want said

Credit Card Companies Should Process Payments Not Censor Content – Forbes

It’s not [large financial institutions’] job to act as moral arbiters, defining taste and effectively banning certain types of content from sale. If content is not clearly illegal, people should be able to both publish and purchase it. If content is straying into a grey area of legality then it is for the law, however flawed that law is, to challenge it.

PayPal sparks furor over limits on “obscene” e-books – Reuters

PayPal, the online payments arm of eBay Inc, has sparked a furor in the publishing world by asking some e-book distributors to ban books that contain “obscene” themes including rape, bestiality or incest.

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