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Ian Coristine

Photograph captures history and inspires writers

Story Starters writing contest for all writers


Writers from across Ontario and beyond will be delighted to discover a new way to stretch their talents. The latest release of the Story Starters writing contest kicked off March 1, 2013, and every writer, from novice to professional, is invited to submit a piece of writing inspired by the image of artist Ian Coristine.

‟That shot is of Paul Malo (now deceased), standing in the remains of Carleton Villa, one of the 1000 Islands’ first castles which he and I have had toured prospective purchasers through in order to try to rescue it before it becomes a full blown ruin,” explains the renowned 1000 Islands photographer.

‟It warms my heart to see Paul still inspiring people in this way. Paul was a Professor Emeritus and the head of architecture at Syracuse University. He was definitely someone who inspired at a higher level,” says Coristine. ‟This is so very appropriate that he is still inspiring people, especially writers, because he was also a prolific writer and author and the founder of the online magazine”

The featured inspirational image was captured by Coristine’s lens. Not your typical photographer, his career began during a random flight in 1992 when he discovered his natural habitat – an island located in the Thousand Islands’ area of Ontario. Learning the craft of air-to-air photography during his former career as the Canadian distributor for Challenger ultralight aircraft, Coristine has developed his gift and become wildly acclaimed for his talents by corporate clients and art-lovers alike.

Coristine has published six books of photography, won numerous awards and his images can be seen in magazines around the globe. His sixth book, a memoir titled One in a Thousand, is co-written with Donna Walsh Inglehart. This groundbreaking ebook, produced by Toronto McLellan Interactive Publishing, has been highly praised by many reviewers for showcasing an entirely new form of storytelling. The ebook uses over 450 images; 11 videos; audio; an interactive map; and slideshows with 18 moody instrumental tracks. For more information on Ian Coristine and his work, visit

In its fifth year, the Ontario Writer’s Conference continues to celebrate all forms of art. Partnering in previous years with playwrights and songwriters, the 2013 Ontario Writers’ Conference will feature visual arts. On January 1st, February 1st and March 1st, the conference website will display a new extraordinary work by a local artist. Writers are invited to enter a piece of writing inspired by that work.

How it works
Taking inspiration from the work of art featured, writers are invited to compose a short piece of writing (100 words maximum). It can be any form of writing (poetry, prose, dialogue, haiku, etc.) as long as it is original. Anyone may enter this contest; there is no limit to the number of entries and no submission fee. English entries only please.

The top five entries for each of the three art pieces will be selected by Ruth E. Walker, published author, writing instructor and local literary celeb. They will then be displayed at the 2013 Ontario Writers’ Conference, to be held May 3rd and 4th at Deer Creek Golf and Conference Centre in Ajax, Ontario. At the conference, delegates will review and vote for their favourite. The winning entries will be announced at the conference and each winner will be awarded a prize.

For more information and to enter the Story Starters writing contest, email, or phone 905-985-4409.

Presented by Ontario Writers’ Conference, an annual event held the first weekend in May in the Greater Toronto Area. Writers of all abilities and genres enjoy educational, challenging and interactive workshops led by industry professionals and an impressive range of speakers on the art and skill of writing and related industry topics.

Email for interviews.

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